Ravenswood Creative Coalition

About us

Connecting creators to expert service providers within our trusted network, creating a robust, inclusive community for independent artists and authors.

Started as a collaboration between Ravenswood Publishing & Alavays Creative Services, Ravenswood Creative Coalition is a creative networking platform tailor-made for the literary industry.

Ravenswood Creative Coalition, a subsidiary of Ravenswood Publishing & Goods, connects creators to suitable service providers within our network, creating a robust, inclusive community for independent artists and authors.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for creative collaboration, while also allowing both authors and creatives to maintain their independence. All service providers are independent contractors, unaffiliated with Ravenswood Publishing or Alavays Creative Services. They retain all rights to their brand and products/services, setting their own rates and coordinating all financial exchanges directly with authors.


No one achieves anything alone. We strive to foster a creative environment where unique minds converge, amplifying individual strengths and igniting transformative collaborations.


We uphold a strong ethos of mutual respect, timely communication, and dedication to excellence. Authors bring their vibrant visions, while service providers apply their expert skills. 


We champion an atmosphere where respect and kindness underpin every interaction. We value each individual’s unique contribution and believe that treating each other with courtesy fosters a nurturing environment, enabling creativity to thrive and ensuring a supportive journey for everyone involved. 


While fostering collaborative connections, we remain steadfast in respecting each individual’s autonomy. Authors and service providers retain full control over their work and are free to seek out other opportunities outside the coalition. We celebrate the journey, but the destination is in your hands.

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